Are you the best person to answer your calls?

One of the biggest issues that home businesses and start-ups face is having an official businesses address. While some choose to base their start up at home, it can create a negative business image and damages your perceived credibility. Another option is, of course, renting a location. However, this can be expensive and unnecessary for your business.

A low-cost alternative is locating your new venture in a virtual office. A virtual office gives your business a credible and professional base in a desirable location without the high costs of co-working or office rental fees. There is a range of benefits that these services offer startups. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider adopting a virtual office address.

1. Professional image

Probably the biggest benefit of a virtual office is that it helps build a professional business image. Home businesses and start-ups that have a virtual address in a desirable location will project an image that your business is legitimate, established and experienced in the market. Your image directly affects the decison making process of your potential clients and increases the likelihood that you receive more leads.

Furthermore, you can use a virtual address to link to your Google My Business account, making you appear on local Google searches. In fact, many businesses use virtual offices to establish presences in territories they are yet to target.

2. Improves productivity

Another big advantage offered by virtual office services is that they promote flexible working hours and improve productivity. This is because virtual offices enable people to work from anywhere – from their homes, a coffee shop or even a beach in the Bahamas.

Moreover, a virtual office service is much cheaper than office sharing or coworking services. Virtual offices don’t require you to have a staff member present and all your post can be sent-on to any other location.

Call Answering - Virtually There

Be prepared to multitask as you may have to take messages or look up relevant information while on the phone. Asking the caller to call back, or for you to return the call, should be avoided. This will only give the caller the opportunity to look to your competitors for the answers they need.

Every call needs to be answered. Any those do get left for voicemail should be responded to as soon as possible.

3. The Professional Alternative

If you’re unsure that you are able to fulfil these requirements, then you should look to other solutions to prevent your business from suffering.

You could look to your current team for the qualities needed. However, distracting them from their core responsibilities may affect your business in other adverse ways. Another option is to spread the responsibility, but training each staff member to provide appropriate and effective service for each caller type is time-consuming.

Some choose to hire an experienced, professional receptionist, but many businesses, especially those still developing, don’t have the luxury of investing in anew staff member.

For many, call answering services are the obvious solution.

4. The Most Popular Service

Call answering services allow you to have a professional, experienced receptionist for as little as £10 per month. This way every call is answered, every call is dealt with as you intend and every call is handled with the highest level of quality and service.

Packages include a simple message-taking service all the way to scripted call answering and forwarding to the correct member of your staff. Many also provide 24/7 call handling and free trials, which is why they have grown in such popularity with aspiring companies over the past few years.

Is the call handler in your business the right person to attend your business calls? If you are in any doubt, talk to an experienced call answering service provider. Those, such as the highly popular Virtually There, have some of the cheapest rates starting at just £10 pounds per month with a low cost per call and no long-term contracts.

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by | Aug 8, 2019