Be more like a peacock


Peacocks are natural show-offs. Male birds stride along with a look in their eye, arrogant, almost daring anyone to not be impressed.

‘Don’t I look great?’

‘Are you looking?.. No? Well you should be’

As is the way with evolution, at some point a long time ago a male bird was born that just simply, well, just looked a bit better than the rest.

Maybe he was met with adulation, or maybe hostility- maybe his lesser peacock friends pushed him out of the local snooker club because they were jealous. Who knows?
The point being, as far as image was concerned, this bird had it all going.

This great image allowed our bird to create baby peacocks in his image, and so on, until millions of years later this successful line became the arrogant peacock we all know today.

So where are we going with this?

It’s simple really, Mr Peacock did so well because he looked the part, and as a small business in Bristol you have to look the part too- either that or watch your beloved customers go to the peacock with the brighter feathers.

A virtual office allows your business to compete with larger competitors- you look the part but can continue to work from home.

Your virtual office in Bristol provides the professional image that your company needs to entice new customers; it helps introduce you to customers who would never choose a home based business.

So if you feel like a business chicken- put on a Virtually There peacock costume and start strutting.

Our peacock costumes are from £25 per month.

Disclaimer- We are not sure if peacocks play snooker, the rest as far as we are aware is probably true.
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by | Dec 10, 2013