Benefits of having a virtual office

One of the biggest issues that home businesses and start-ups face is having an official businesses address. While some choose to base their start up at home, it can create a negative business image and damages your perceived credibility. Another option is, of course, rentaing a location. However, this can be expensive and uneccessary for your business.

An low-cost alternative is locating your new venture in a virtual office. A virtual office gives your business a credible and professional base in a desirable location without the high costs of co-working or office rental fees. There is a range of benefits that these services offer startups. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider adopting a virtual office address.

1. Professional image

Probably the biggest benefit of a virtual office is that it helps build a professional business image. Home businesses and start-ups that have a virtual address in a desirable location will project an image that your business is legitimate, established and experienced in the market. Your image directly affects the decison making process of your potential clients and increases the likelihood that you recieve more leads.

2. Improves productivity

Another big advantage offered by virtual office services is that they promote flexible working hours and improve productivity. This is because virtual offices enable people to work from anywhere – from their homes, a coffee shop or even a beach in the Bahamas.

Moreover, a virtual office service is much cheaper than office sharing or coworking services. Virtual offices don’t require you to have a staff member present and all your post can be sent-on to any othe location.

Virtually There - Virtual Office Bristol

3. Dedicated call answering service

While you get an identifiable physical address with a virtual postal address, you can even add a call answering service to add to the image that this is one of your headquarters.

Addons to these services also include post forwarding, scanning and emailing post, message taking from calls, virtual reception service, automatic call diversion, registering your business address at the virtual office, and more. By having a dedicated local telephone number for your virtual office, your business will offer a direct channel for potential customers to engage with your brand. Also, virtual receptionists can be trained to understand your business to communicate with customers just the way you want.

4. Easy expansion

Another big advantage that virtual offices provide to start-ups and home businesses is that they allow easy and low-cost expansion. You can quickly position yourself in the heart of new lucrative markets while never having to leave your house. The best providers offer desirable locations in big cities, such as London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and more.

Virtual offices are a cost-effective and stress-free alternative to traditional forms of business expansion. Because space is never a constraint with a virtual office, businesses can effectively use them to scale without relocating costs.

5. No long-term commitments

Most service providers offer virtual offices on a monthly subscription basis. Virtually There are one such provider that offers highly soughtafter offices with no long-term contracts, and this reduces the risk for your business.

By choosing a virtual office address over a traditional office, you can simply use and pay for the service as long as you need it.

So, there you go – these are some of the benefits that a virtual address can provide to start-ups and home businesses. If you’d like to learn more about how a virtual office service can benefit you, contact us today!

by | Jul 31, 2019