How It Works

We act as your dedicated receptionist team. We answer your calls in your company name, filter unwanted calls, pass-on caller details and messages and even forward you the calls you want to deal with immediately.

Your virtual reception team can even provide the caller with basic company, product and service information, giving your customers’ helpful and immediate support.

Call Answering Services

* Additional charges apply for out of hours cover

**2p/min for landline; 12p/min for mobile

All prices are subject to VAT

7 Reasons to Sign Up To Our Call Answering Services Today

Call answering services and virtual receptions have surged in popularity with startups, and small- and medium-sized businesses in the UK. Making use of call answering services can offer several benefits to aspiring businesses from all industries. Here are just some of the reasons you should subscribe to a virtual reception or other call answering service today.

1. Never miss a call

Imagine never missing a business call again. That’s exactly what you get with our call answering services. Employing a virtual reception means that your business will collect leads, customer queries and other calls when you’re unavailable. Your virtual receptionists will answer the calls with your company name before forwarding on any important calls or taking a message. This ensures you never miss that next big client. 

Call Answering Service

2. Focus on what you do best

Telephone answering services allow you to focus on what you’re best at. A virtual reception enables you and your team to dedicate more time to their core responsibilities. Taking away the distraction and need to answer every call will allow you to grow other areas of the business and develop staff in a more effective ways.

3. 30-day free trial

It can feel overwhelming trying to choose the right services to support the growth of your business. To make things easier, we offer a free 30-day trial for all of our virtual reception and call answering services. This way you can see for yourself the benefits of our services and the professionalism of our receptionists. What’s more, you can cancel your subscription anytime for free if it’s not right for your business.

Virtually There - Call Answering Services

4. From £10 per month

One of the biggest benefits of call answering services is the low cost. Our virtual reception and call answering services are some of the cheapest around from just £10 a month. Compared with the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist, and the negative effects associated with retraining current staff, it’s clear why so many business use virtual receptions.

5. Local numbers offered

Need a local telephone number? No problem. We will give you the number you need to put your business in the heart of your customers. We can even provide 0333 numbers to add real stature to your business. For added impact, you can include a virtual office business address in the city of your choice. 

6. No long term contracts

We understand that you need the flexibility to make changes to your telephone answering subscription as your business grows. That’s why we won’t tie you down to any long contracts. Simply let us know when you need to pause your call answering service or give us a full month’s notice of your cancellation.

7. Absolutely no set up fees

Unlike most suppliers, we cover all the set up costs so you can spend your money where it’s needed. What’s more, we will get you up and running with your virtual reception within 24 hours.

call answering services - welcome

Additional features.

VT Online – Log in to your account and make changes to the service

Virtual Offices – Virtual offices available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol

Local Numbers – Choose from your local 01 number

Freephone Numbers – Choose your 0800 or 0333 number

Fax to Email – Does exactly as it says on the tin


Call Conferencing – Hold a call conference at any time with this additional service

Divert Business Calls To Your Phone From £7 Monthly

Our Divert Only plan allows you to own a professional phone number and divert all calls straight to your landline or mobile? From just £7 a month, you’ll be able to easily identify a business call and avoid broadcasting your personal number to the world. Contact us on 0203 476 7792 and we’ll set you up over the phone.