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Every call, answered every time, exactly the way you want

Our UK-based receptionists professionally answer every call you receive, making sure you ace that first impression.

You’ll get your own business line, your own Virtual Receptionist or Virtual PA, and access to our Virtually There Portal where you are in control 24/7!

Best of all, you’ll never miss another lead or business call again.

what options are there?

Your own PA Your Virtual PA will help you manage your calls, calendar, appointments, and more
Never miss a call again Your receptionist is backed up by your own reception team, ensuring no call is left unanswered
Cancel any time We offer monthly rolling subscriptions so you have the flexibility to cancel any time
UK-based receptionists Our receptionists are 100% UK-based to better serve your domestic customers


Your callers will speak to a professional receptionist who’ll follow a simple script, and share the caller’s name, contact details and message with you immediately after the call is finished.

Prices & Plans


Our virtual personal assistants do everything our virtual receptionists do, plus they follow detailed scripts, transfer calls to your team, manage your calendar, book appointments, and more.

Prices & Plans

Meet some of our Virtual Personal Assistants

Our UK-based team are polite, professional and prompt – ensuring you never miss a call. But don’t just take our word for it, meet our remarkable virtual team. 


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What makes our call answering services so good

No matter the size of your business, where you’re based or what you do, our virtual receptionists and virtual personal assistants can keep you in touch with your customers and in control of your company.

Here are nine reasons to choose our call answering services.

Never miss a call again

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, our call answering services make sure you never miss a call again.

Our experienced and professional receptionists will answer calls, collect leads and deal with customer queries on your behalf. 

You write their script, and they collect and share the caller details you need.

Focus on what you do best

By letting us take care of your calls, you and your staff can focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back. 

And if there’s an important call, we’ll transfer it in real-time to your most appropriate member of staff.

One-month free trial

You don’t want to waste your time and money on a service that’s not right, which is why we offer every customer a 30-day free trial.

You’ll get all the benefits of our Virtual Reception service to experience for yourself the benefits of our phone answering services. 

We’re sure you’ll be impressed with our receptionists and enjoy the extra time you’ve clawed back. 

Service starts from just £10 per month

It’s easy to see why businesses of all sizes use our call answering services.

Our plans start at just £10 per month. For that, you receive dedicated support from trained and trusted UK-based receptionists.

When you compare this to the costs of hiring a receptionist or relying on another member of staff, you’ll realise why we’re so valued by our clients. 

Choose a local number

Does your business need a local telephone number? No problem. You can choose a local number that suits your business.

We can also help you divert your existing number to your new line or port your phone number to us to save even more on each call.

Cancel Any Time

Our call-handling packages are simple and straightforward. And with our monthly plans, you can cancel at any time. Simply sign in to your Virtually There Portal, cancel your subscription, and we’ll terminate your subscription at the end of your current monthly billing period. 

This gives you the freedom and flexibility to select the right level of support for your business.

No set-up fees

There is no small print and no set-up fees. 

Unlike other phone answering providers, we cover all set-up costs, so 100% of your money goes on answering your business calls. 

UK-based receptionists 

Our customers love the fact that we only use UK-based receptionists.

They communicate clearly and effectively when talking to customers, and use their knowledge and experience of UK markets and industries to represent your business in the best possible way. 

Plans for all business sizes

Our Virtual Receptionist plan works as a pay-as-you-go service, with a £10 a month service fee plus a £0.95 charge per call. 

Our clients with larger call volumes take advantage of our six Virtual Personal Assistant plans, which come with inclusive minutes designed to keep costs low. 

The tech behind the team

We use the latest smart tech to make sure our team answers your calls efficiently and exactly the way you want.

When someone calls your company’s number, your business profile, script, and instructions arrive on your receptionist’s screen instantly. And if your receptionist is already on a call, our tech will automatically divert the call to an available receptionist.  

The software can even identify repeat callers, their call history and any info we’ve previously collected. This allows our team to add a personal touch when answering your calls that your customers will love.

You’ll get access to our Virtually There Portal. Using your secure log-in, you can view your call records and messages, edit your scripts, manage your subscription, and more. It keeps you in control 24/7.

24/7 Admin Heaven

Our Virtually There Portal gives you round-the-clock control of your reception

With a click of a button and using our secure log-in, you can:

  • View every call record and message you receive in real-time
  • Edit your call answering script and reception instructions in seconds
  • Monitor weekly call volumes and spend
  • Upgrade and amend your plan
  • Identify when your business is at its busiest
  • View your invoices
  • Update your account information

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The teamwork that makes the dream work

We invest in the people building your brand

Every one of our virtual receptionists and virtual personal assistants is UK-based, experienced and extensively trained. We invest in our staff, so they can help grow your brand and reputation with your customers.

Before working with clients, our call handlers go through a four-week training programme. But their training and development doesn’t stop there. We monitor each individual’s performance regularly and conduct weekly reviews to ensure the highest quality service.

We work hard to pair each client with the receptionists best suited to their business, industry and market. This ensures that when your customers call, they speak to someone helpful, confident and knowledgeable.

See for yourself what our clients think of our service

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FAQs to help you choose

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A Virtual Personal Assistant supports your business by answering your calls, following your script, transferring live calls to your staff, taking orders, managing your calendar, and more. There are six plans available each offering a different number of inclusive phone-call minutes per month.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist supports your business by answering your calls, taking messages and details, and sharing them with you. This service is available for £10 per month with a cost per call of £0.95.

What is the difference between a Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Personal Assistant?

  1. A Virtual Receptionist will answer your calls, collect the caller’s name, contact details and reasons for calling, and share the details with you straight away.
  2. With a Virtual Personal Assistant, you get all of the above, plus live call forwarding to your staff, appointment booking, calendar management, and more. 

Are your receptionists and personal assistants based in the UK?

Yes, all of our Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Personal Assistants are based in the UK.

What message details do you take?

With a Virtual Personal Assistant, you choose which details we collect from the caller.

Is there a set-up fee?

No, we don’t charge set-up fees for any of our services.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. We believe in short, flexible contracts. When you subscribe to any of our monthly plans, simply cancel your subscription from your Virtually There Portal, and we’ll terminate your subscription at the end of your current monthly service period.

Can I get a regional phone number?

Yes. You can choose a local phone number from across the UK.

Can I have my calls transferred to me or my staff?

Yes. With a Virtual Personal Assistant, all calls you receive can be transferred to the appropriate staff member as per your instructions. Any calls you don’t want to take right away will be handled by our receptionists. They will collect the caller’s contact info and message, and share the details with you.

Can you answer my calls only when I am busy?

Yes. You can schedule when to divert your calls through to us, so we handle your calls instead. Follow our call divert guide to find out how.

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