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How we’ve helped: Boardwalk Property Co.

Boardwalk Property Co. is an award-winning estate agency in Bristol. When researching the success of this independent property expert, it’s hard to ignore the hundreds of five-star reviews – many of whom celebrate their exceptionally low fees.

Boardwalk Property Co.’s rise from its inception in 2014 to the acclaimed agents known throughout Bristol today has been no fluke. In fact, it took years of experience and strategic partnerships that Director Nick Stopard recounts when questioned about their agency’s ascent.

“Managing our staff’s time to be the most productive, most effective it can be proved a massive obstacle,” Nick reflects.

“We identified that stretching our current resources to be more efficient was not only hugely cost-effective but achievable,” he added.

The problem that many fledgeling enterprises face is how the few employees accommodate all of the roles a functioning business needs to operate.

Hiring more staff is an expensive solution, leaving the adoption of management tools or outsourcing tasks a more attractive compromise. This is when Boardwalk Property Co. reached out to Virtually There with their virtual receptionist support.

We identified that subscribing to Virtually There’s virtual personal assistant service would enable us to make sure every call – whether from buyers or sellers – was answered,” Nick explains.

“Virtually There would work as our virtual PA, act as an extension of our team, answer common questions, and direct calls to the best agent wherever they are at the time,” he recalls.

Boardwalk Property Co. supplied their staff with mobile phones, enabling them to answer on location, in the car and at other locations to make sure every customer got the service they expected.

The client still called the office number, but their network of redirects made all staff able to pick up the vital calls when needed.

The new system gave us a reception department a next-to-nothing cost, and we were then able to maximise viewings, valuations and other tasks across Bristol,” Nick added.

Boardwalk Property Co. still uses Virtually There’s Virtual Personal Assistant service to this day.

Since their partnership took off, Boardwalk Property Co. has won many awards, including the allAgents’ Sales Branch of the Year award for the whole of the South West.

With a variety of call handling and other services for aspiring businesses on offer, there are a number of options to suit every enterprise wanting to expand. To find out how a call answering service can support your growth, visit our telephone answering page.

Paul Sandquest

Head of Marketing

Paul is Head of Marketing at Virtually There and has over a decade of experience supporting businesses across the globe.

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