Does the location of a virtual office matter?

It’s a common misconception that the location of a virtual office isn’t important. Many small businesses or start ups are focused on costs and it can be easy to fall into the trap of just going for the cheapest one on offer; If neither you nor your customers are actually going to go there why would it matter where it is? Well it turns out there are a number of very good reasons why the location matters but here are just three of them:

Professional Image

One of the main reasons for virtual offices is to help with professional credibility. Potential customers are more inclined to look favourably on a business that has an address in a prime location. Just think about the way that you approach other companies you might want to do business with. Location can be important, right? A prime location indicates a successful business you can trust in – it’s our old friend professional credibility again. And be honest, how often do you check out the location via a search engine? Well you’re not alone – we all do it. And we want to see a professional, modern office not your driveway and the neighbours’ cat.

Physical Meeting Space

You might intend to never step foot in your virtual office. But things change and unless you’re setting up as a clairvoyant you don’t actually know that will be the case. Imagine a client wants to meet personally, but doesn’t fancy going to a coffee shop, or has documents etc that can’t be shown or discussed in a public place. Maybe you need access to your files or systems during the meeting, or you just think this particular meeting will be more effective in a professional environment. In this case you’re likely to want to meet in a private place. We’re not saying business meetings in coffee shops don’t work – but sometimes it’s just not what you want to. And if you’re inviting someone to your office you want it to look professional because you only get one shot at a first impression, so a virtual office which offers meeting rooms could be advantageous.

If you need further proof take a look at the most successful virtual office providers in the UK. They’re based in major cities such as Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester. And why? Because virtual offices in major cities enjoy better access to markets of potential customers.

Leverage Proximity to Potential Customers

What’s more, a physical address in a decent location can add to your online presence. By setting up a Google My Business page and adding the virtual office address to it, even if you work from home, you increase the chances of appearing on the first page of search results – instantly adding another layer of credibility to your business.

Proximity is an important decision-making factor for many consumers when looking to buy a product or service. These customers will quite often search for the best providers online, where Google helps them locate relevant businesses nearby.

Still got doubts? Well how about if we that when potential customers show interest in a local business the chances of them buying increase by 50%, and the chances of businesses attracting location visits shoot up to 70% when they are listed on Google My Business?

Choosing the location for your virtual office is like every other business decision you make; it’s important. Not just for today but for your future success too. Think how much time went into choosing the company name, the website address, the logo etc. Well the location of your virtual office, and your online presence, are just as important – as are the other services the virtual office offers such as call handling, message taking and virtual receptionists.

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