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Does your business need a telephone answering service?

By now you probably have read a little about what call answering services are and why they’re worth considering. And why wouldn’t you, they’ve never been more popular.

You may now be asking yourself, ‘is this a service I need?’

It’s a good place to point out that you can get a one-month virtual receptionist trial, which you can back out of any time you like.

If you’re still on the fence about trying our services for just £1, we’ve laid out some points that may get you to the answer you’re looking for.

Who needs a call answering service?

For many small- or medium-sized businesses it’s simply a case of asking whether the time they spend on calls could be put to better use on other tasks.

Most of our clients can relate to some of these scenarios:

  • Businesses who get a lot of customers over the phone and do not want to miss a single lead
  • Businesses who spend a lot of time on the phone and may miss incoming calls
  • Businesses whose staff spend a lot of time away from the office address
  • Businesses with few staff who need to focus on other work
  • Businesses who cannot answer the phone while working
  • Businesses who work in loud environments
  • Businesses who want to add stature to their brand
  • Businesses who want to improve the quality of their customer service

Are call answering services worth it?

If you can relate to those scenarios above, then the answer is almost always yes. It’s important to highlight these services do start from just £25 a month. And, there is always that one-month virtual receptionist trial.

Considering the problems laid out above, and those your business may be dealing with, a solution may be essential.

With staff being the most expensive resource for any business, you want to make sure they use their time effectively, and if you’re not paying them to answer the phone you probably don’t want them spending too long on it.

And let’s not forget your customers. They’re important, right? So you need to keep them happy too, and the least they expect is to have their calls answered or returned.

So what do you get for your money?

Firstly you’ll never miss a call again. Your virtual receptionist will answer your calls, take messages and caller details and share them with you via email.

You can even get your virtual assistant to forward important live calls, take orders, manage your inbox and schedule appointments for you.

These services are even offered as pay-as-you-go and plans with inclusive minutes. What’s more, you can choose between monthly and annual terms, depending on if you would prefer to save money or benefit from the cancel any time offer.

And when you look at it that way, it starts to look like money well spent, eh?

So if you think a call answering service might be for you, why not sign up for our virtual receptionist service and get one month for just £1.


Paul Sandquest

Head of Marketing

Paul is Head of Marketing at Virtually There and has over a decade of experience supporting businesses across the globe.

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