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Meet some of the virtual team supporting your business

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All our virtual PAs have undergone a gauntlet of rigorous training and continued weekly support reviews to make sure they're on top form to represent your business. Each is well-spoken and based in the UK to better serve your customers - meet some of the team below.

Virtual personal assistant


Emma has been with us for five years and loves being a part of our client's success. Emma says, "It's great to watch my clients' businesses grow and be with them every step of the way."

Virtual personal assistant


Brittany joined Virtually There in 2017 and enjoys building a rapport with clients. Brittany says, "I love being an extension to my clients' brands and how every day is different."

Virtual personal assistant


Roxie has been a Virtual Personal Assistant with us for four years and likes learning about so many businesses. Roxie says, "I love how I now know so much about so many businesses and industries."

Virtual assistant


Jenna-Vie has been with us for just over a year and enjoys speaking to new people. Jenna-Vie says, "I'm a really social person, so love chatting to new clients and catching-up with regular callers"

Virtual receptionist


Adelayde has been a Virtual Personal Assitant for two years and likes the challenges each day brings. Adelayde says, "No two days are ever the same. I've been there for my clients through everything."

virtual receptionist at Virtually There


Rebecca joined us in 2020 and likes working with her clients. Rebecca says, "I take a lot of orders for some of my clients. I love how they value my feedback on callers and their customer experience."

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