Who we are
and how we got here

Hi, we’re Jack and Edgar, and we go way back.

As kids we were inseparable, living just doors apart on the same street. From early on we both had an entrepreneurial drive, creating our first enterprise washing and waxing cars at the tender age of just 11. Since then we’ve both gone on to run a series of successful businesses, respectively.

Edgar co-founded Canton Tea Co, now recognised as one of the UK’s leading premium tea suppliers and Jack, award-winning property companies The Letting Game and Boardwalk Property Co.

We joined heads again back in 2012, recognising that we both faced similar problems starting businesses with little or no employees. Both of us had found our limited time and energy was often taken up with tasks that took us away from what founders should always be focusing on – winning business and delivering a first-class service at all times.

In turn, Virtually There was born, to solve those problems for thousands of other small business owners across the UK.

‘we still felt we wanted to do more.’

Whilst being (virtually) there for start-ups and business owners across the country has brought us much joy and satisfaction, we still felt we wanted to do more.

It dawned on us that the most rewarding thing about running a business was the stories of growth we had watched unfold within them. Each of us has previously taken on young apprentices and interns, who now occupy senior leadership roles in our organisations.

Being a part of that journey for someone is invaluable, so we want to open up those doorways for more, and be there for the next generation. Having achieved our own success and upon becoming fathers, we recognise our role in supporting them to realise their full potential.

Many young people are struggling to find work in these challenging times and need to rely on their creativity and initiative to unearth opportunities. It is our duty and our pleasure to empower them.

Jack and Edgar,
Virtually There

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