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Partner with Virtually There to:

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  • Increase profit margins
  • Provide instant solutions for your customers
  • Add new products and services without the cost
  • No financial investment

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Outsource your call answering operation
Increase your profit margin
Applicable businesses of any size
No financial investment

Become a Reseller Partner

This option is perfect for businesses looking for additional revenue while keeping in control of client relationships.

Add a Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Personal Assistant telephone answering services to your offering and we’ll deliver greater value to your customers.

What’s more, this offers resource-efficient monthly recurring revenue that will generate month-on-month growth that will enhance your bottom line.

You will get:

  • Monthly recurring revenue for each business that signs up
  • Competitive discounts for your business
  • Training and support on how to communicate the benefits of our services
  • Dedicated partner account management and setup
  • Discounts on Virtually There services for your clients
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Become a Referral Partner

This is the low effort solution for businesses looking to add revenue quickly and easily.

You will collect a monthly recurring revenue on each business you successfully refer to our Virtual Personal Assistant, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Landline or Virtual Office services.

As a referral partner, you’ll:

  • Monthly recurring revenue for each referral
  • Training and support on how to communicate the benefits of our services
  • Support and account management for you and your customers
  • Marketing materials to support your referral campaigns
Virtual reception service for phone answering services

Case Study: Receivr

David H, Director at Receivr, tells us how outsourcing their virtual reception to Virtually There has made his business more profitable than he could have imagined.

When did you realise you needed to outsource your operations?

“Our telephone answering service was struggling to grow profit. The more clients we took on barely improved the bottom line because of the added cost and resources that came with ensuring we had adequate agents to take the calls. That’s when outsourcing our virtual reception to a company with greater infrastructure and resources became a financial no-brainer.”

How has Virtually There changed your business?

“Virtually There has allowed me to outsource my whole call answering operation, allowing me to take a fixed margin on each new client we take on and not worry about resourcing or managing a call centre. Receivr still continues to generate new customers, but now works in the background for me, generating a passive income to support my other businesses.”

What are the key benefits?

“Virtually There provide a complete white-label solution. Through their client portal, I can add new customers under my Recievr brand and manage my existing clients quickly and conveniently. Their phone answering technology is far superior to what I have experienced in the industry. I just get on with my day, not having to worry about my customer’s calls. Virtually There answer and manage every call that comes in for my clients.

Any advice for other businesses?

“Virtually There have allowed me to work less for more profit, enabling me to venture into new businesses. Their service is absolute value for money.”

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