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Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs

 “Wow. You should really set up your own business with that!”

                      “Ah thanks but, I don’t know, that sounds pretty scary – and a lot of hassle…”

Sound familiar? We know just how tough it can be starting out. The idea of setting up your own business is a daunting one, and you might be faced with all sorts of worries that stop you from taking the plunge.

“I don’t think I’m experienced enough.”

“Will people really be convinced by me?”

“I don’t have anyone I can ask for advice.”

But the truth is, when done right, setting up your own business is incredibly rewarding. You get to watch an idea turn into a reality, not to mention more freedom, more control, which makes for greater happiness (seriously, check the stats).

We’ve been helping people set up and grow their own businesses with telephone answering services and virtual offices for a long time now, and we’ve loved watching our customers reach their goals. But we know as much as everyone else does, the future of good business lies in the next generation of entrepreneurs. They will be the ones who go on to solve challenges and continue making a difference in people’s lives.

The past year has posed challenges for everyone, so we feel it’s our responsibility to make a difference where we can. We’ve pooled together what we know and what we have, and made a commitment to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Young Entrepreneurs Scheme launched this summer, with the goal of helping a selection of young business minds from across the country to either turn an idea they have into a business, or to help them get their early start-up off the ground. 

Those anxieties that hold people back will be felt most prevalently by the youth of today, which is why we’ve decided to say YES: 

  • Yes – we will share our experience with you to help you succeed, with 1-2-1 mentoring sessions. 
  • Yes – we will provide an expert training workshop to help you convince any audience that your business is worthwhile. 
  • Yes – we will be there to answer any questions you have as you start out as a young entrepreneur.

Yes, we will continue to be there for the next generation. We hope you will help us to do the same.

Jack & Edgar,
Virtually There

Paul Sandquest

Head of Marketing

Paul is Head of Marketing at Virtually There and has over a decade of experience supporting businesses across the globe.

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