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  • Professional regional phone number
  • Automatically divert calls to your mobile or landline
  • Cancel anytime with a monthly plan

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What is a virtual landline?

Separate the personal from the professional 

A virtual landline is a cloud-based regional phone number that allows you to divert incoming calls to a phone number of your choice.

If you need a business line but don’t want to use your personal number, or carry around two phones, then a virtual landline is the solution.

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Cancel Any Time We offer monthly rolling subscriptions so you have the flexibility to cancel any time
No set-up fees We cover the set-up costs, so your pennies go towards managing your new HQ
Pay as you go From just £6 a month plus per-minute call charges from £0.02
Bye-bye big bills Our client's don't like big bills. That's why we keep our prices the lowest on the market

FAQs to help you choose

Can I use the phone number you give me without your receptionists answering my calls?

Yes, our Virtual Landline gives you a professional number that automatically diverts straight to your mobile or landline.

How much does each call cost?

You pay a per-minute call charge of £0.02 for landlines and £0.07 for mobiles on top of your Virtual Landline subscription.

Is this service suitable for small businesses?

Yes, this service is designed for small businesses on limited budgets that still want a professional telephone number.

Is your service suitable for large businesses?

We recommend our Virtual Personal Assistant service for large businesses. Virtual Personal Assistant offers a personal assistant who will answer your call, take caller and message details, transfer live calls to your staff, manage your calendar, book appointments, receive orders, manage your inbox and more.

Why should I use a call answering service?

Call answering services provide a cheap and professional solution to business call management. For an in-depth look at the benefits, view our Call Answering Services page.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

No, all of our prices shown on the website exclude VAT.

How much will I pay per call?

Calls are charged per-minute at £0.02 for a landline or £0.07 for mobile.

What is the difference between a Virtual Receptionist, a Virtual Switchboard and a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A Virtual Receptionist will answer your calls, collect the caller’s name, contact details and reasons for calling, and share the details with you straight away.

With a Virtual Switchboard, your receptionist will answer your business calls and qualify the caller before transferring them to your most appropriate team member. If they are unable to take the call, then your receptionist will take a message and send you the details.

With a Virtual Personal Assistant, you get all of the above, plus live call forwarding to your staff, appointment booking, calendar management, and more.


What is the difference between a Virtual Office and a Registered Company Address?

A Virtual Office is a trading address for you to use on your business website, marketing materials, invoices, business cards, directories and more. A Registered Company Address is your company’s official address given when registering your company with Companies House. You can use our business addresses for both purposes by selecting the Registered Company Address addon when subscribing to a Virtual Office.

Why should we choose Virtually There’s call answering services?

For more reasons why over 8,000 UK businesses prefer our services, visit our Virtual Receptionist page.

More FAQs
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What is a virtual landline, and how does it differ from a traditional landline?

Virtual landlines are cloud-based phone numbers that operate over the internet. They’re mobile, flexible, and packed with advanced features that can be customised to suit your needs. In contrast, traditional landlines are tied to a fixed location, offer limited features, and can be more costly to maintain, lacking the mobility and versatility of virtual alternatives.

Why should my business consider using a virtual landline?

Because it offers cost-effective communication, enhances professionalism, provides geographic flexibility, and ensures mobility. It projects a professional image and allows you to manage calls seamlessly from anywhere in the world. They can also be scaled to meet your business needs and integrate with other tools, making them a versatile and efficient choice for modern businesses.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, you don’t need special equipment to use our virtual landline service. You can use your existing devices, such as smartphones, computers, or IP phones, to make and receive calls. The ease of integration with your existing tech is one of the advantages.

Can I choose a specific area code?

Yes, you can select the UK area code you prefer, which is great for businesses looking to establish a local presence in different regions.

How can virtual landlines enhance my business's professionalism?

A virtual landline helps your business to appear more professional. This level of professionalism instils trust and confidence, making your business appear established and reliable. It also enables you to maintain a consistent and polished image, whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, ultimately boosting your brand reputation and customer relationships.

Can I manage multiple virtual landlines from one account?

Our Portal simplifies the management of multiple virtual landlines from a single account. Whether you have various departments, remote teams, or multiple business locations, our user-friendly interface allows you to seamlessly oversee and organise all your virtual landlines in one place. You can assign specific numbers, set up custom call routing, and tailor the experience to meet the specific needs of your business. This centralised control streamlines your operations and ensures that all your communication channels are in sync, making managing multiple virtual landlines more efficient than ever.

Is it easy to set up and use a virtual landline service?

Absolutely! Setting up a virtual landline is a breeze, and most providers offer user-friendly interfaces. You can have your virtual landline up and running in no time.

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