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Virtually There’s Young Entrepreneur Scheme: Meet our winners!

If you’ve been following our socials these past few months, you may have seen that we’re pretty keen on helping young people do business. This year, we piloted our brand new Young Entrepreneurs Scheme, a new nationwide scheme to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

After a whole lot of planning, preparation, press coverage (shout out to The Scotsman, Business Live, About Manchester, West Mid Connect, B Daily) and plastering your social feeds, we’ve been thrilled with the responses received from up and down the country.

Hailing from Edinburgh to London to Cardiff and spanning a whole host of industries from beauty to construction, we’re proud to introduce this year’s selection of bright young business people. All of whom will now be the recipients of a whole load of goodies to help them get their ideas or early start-ups off the ground, including expert start-up advice, 1-2-1 mentoring and free virtual services.

So without further adieu, allow us to introduce our star-studded lineup of young entrepreneurs with bright ideas for a business (drumroll, please!)

Bright Ideas Winners:


Ruxshin Bajina

I am an Accounting and Business student at university. I am very interested in nutrition and learning about new healthy foods and supplements. My idea is a superfood cookies business that mixes superfoods like spirulina, chaga and blueberry into a healthy cookie to increase its nutrient profile and be a tasty, nutritious snack!

Gareth Johnson

Gareth Johnson

I moved to Cardiff to study and train as a classical musician. It was then my entrepreneurial spirit became prevalent and I started to build an entrepreneurial portfolio consisting of marketing, music, media and education. I’m looking forward to developing new ideas further, including a production company that develops underground and under-represented musicians and artists’ careers, providing them with an outstanding platform to develop upon.”

Fawas Saliu

Fawas Saliu

I left school last year and was looking into starting a business based on eco products. The business idea is to sell products that are plastic alternatives, while also using most of the profit to fund charities around littering, removing plastic in 3rd world countries and also plastic in the seas.”

Bright business winners:

And following those just getting started, we have a selection of winners with pre-existing start-ups. Meet our selection of bright business winners!

P.s We were so impressed we just had to squeeze an extra one in!

Ella Hopkin

Ella Hopki

My name is Ella and I have recently graduated from the University of Sheffield studying Applied Social Sciences. I am passionate about engaging older adults in group exercise activities to reduce social isolation and sedentary living. Therefore, I now project lead Motion, a social enterprise that designs and delivers chair-based exercise sessions to older adults.”

alex ramsden

Alex Ramsden

I’m the founder of Collabed – a new social network for the construction industry. We aim to help graduates get started in the industry as well as helping with job searching and continuous learning.”

Charlotte Clews

Charlotte Clews

I’m Charlotte, a PhD Student at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh. I founded The CURIOU Project to give young researchers an opportunity to share their work through art, blogs, videos and social media, and to provide an insight into the lives of scientists doing our day to day jobs. The aim is to make science more accessible as a career path for young people, and to share some of the exciting breakthroughs happening across the globe – from the scientist’s perspective!”

Millie Flemington

Millie Flemington-Clare

My name is Millie, and I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Cystinosis which affects only 3000 people worldwide. In the Beauty industry, there is a severe lack of disability representation, even though disabled people make up 15% of the world’s population. This is where HUMAN BEAUTY comes in. My mission is to create a truly inclusive cosmetics brand with like-minded people with and without disabilities in my campaigns to make it the norm (as it should be!).”

Paul Sandquest

Head of Marketing

Paul is Head of Marketing at Virtually There and has over a decade of experience supporting businesses across the globe.

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