Why You Need a Google My Business Account

The shift in consumer attention in the modern era is monumental.

With internet penetration and online marketing at its peak, a far majority of the consumers are now checking brands out online before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it has become vital for businesses to make a strong online presence.

To help potential local customers find your business online, one sure shot way is to create a Google My Business Listing for your brand.

You may have noticed the box that occupies the right side of Google search results when searching for a product, service or business. You may have even believed these to be a paid-for ad. In fact, this is a Google My Business listing and is completely free.

In this article, we will look at the top five benefits your business can fetch by having a Google My Business listing.

1.     Leverage Proximity to a Potential Customer

Proximity is of high importance to many consumers when looking to buy a product or service. These customers will quite often search for the best providers online, where Google helps them locate relevant businesses nearby.

When a search is made, many businesses will pop up on the customer’s device. Those who fail to appear quite often miss out. Therefore, getting your business located on Google is imperative. There is, of course, the minefield of SEO that can propel you to the top of the search results. But this can take months to garner measurable results. A more immediate and cheaper option is to set up a Google My Business listing.

This is easy to do, and it will make your business appear on the first page of search results on the right side of the screen and/or on the map of suggested businesses. From here, all potential customers can find you, divert to your website or call you up directly.

2.     Gain Consumer Trust and Confidence

Customers are often sceptical before making a purchase. It’s your job to build enough trust that encourages them to make the jump. One way to do it is showing your business has a physical premise.

Even if you work from home or in a location far from your target market, this local, physical location can enhance your credibility and stature. Ultimately increasing the likelihood of consumers choosing your products and services.

Even if you don’t have a physical location in your target markets across the UK, Virtual Offices offer you to make an impression just the same.

These virtual addresses allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a Google My Business listing without having a physical presence.

3.     Boost Traffic and Sales

Customers that show interest in a local business they found on Google My Business have a 50% more chance of converting.

Having a Google My Business Listing can boost your website traffic and give a significant boost to your sales figures.

Google has found that the chances of businesses attracting location visits shoot up to 70% when they are listed on Google My Business.

4.     Get More Insights about Your Business

You want your business to grow quickly. To achieve this you’ll have to understand your customer.

Once you have your Google My Business Page ready, you can easily access the insights Google accumulates for your business.

It helps you improve your services and associated online marketing strategies that involve managing Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more.

5.     Fast and Free Advertising on Google

While Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation require great efforts and budget to get on top of Google, creating a Google My Business Listing provides a fast and free method to get started with Google Advertising.

You can get your business listed on the world’s most used search engine, and it costs nothing to claim and optimise your listing. It’s quick and provides definite results.

Over to You

Running a business requires you to manage quite a lot of things. However, keeping track of all your business listings and marketing strategies is a must. Since it is not an easy task, why not make it manageable by finding a virtual office and online marketing specialist – like Virtually There – who can develop the online presence for your business at minimal cost?

This will help you create and manage your visibility at all your desired business locations without having to be there. You can even create a presence in some of the biggest markets in the UK such as Bristol, London, Manchester, and Birmingham. To find out more, talk to us today.

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