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Calling all young entrepreneurs!

Have you got a great idea for a business? Or maybe you’re already up and running, but could use a helping hand?

You could WIN up to £5,000

worth of business services and support, including:

A StartUp 101 workshop

delivered in partnership with business incubator Enterprise Orchard

1-2-1 mentoring sessions

with Virtually There’s industry experts

FREE professional services for a year

including a virtual office space, virtual receptionist or virtual personal assistant, for a whole year!

Reckon you've got an idea or a business that could do with our support?

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In the meantime, feel free to have a read of these handy Q&A’s we’ve put together just for you.

What do I need to be eligible to apply?

To be eligible for the scheme, you must be aged between 16-25 years, UK-based and have either a) a great idea for a business, or b) an already existing business that’s no more than one year old.

I’m not sure if my business/idea needs virtual office services, how do they help?

Virtually There’s services are beneficial to pretty much any business, particularly if you’re just starting up. Having a virtual office address not only boosts professionalism, but it also protects your privacy, whilst allowing you to keep and direct business in one place.

And then what about if you’re launching a product, or scaling up your service, and all the calls start flying in? Taking orders and answering queries can be exhausting and time-consuming, but our virtual receptionists are on hand to ensure you never miss a call and opportunities for business. Not to mention just how impressed your customers will be when they hear a professional receptionist at the end of the line!

Our virtual personal assistants can take things a step further and even manage inboxes, take orders, receive payments and schedule appointments, giving you space to breathe and perfect your service. Think about it like the grown up way of doing business; more organised, more efficient and more professional. We’re here to take a load off, that’s all!

What does the application involve?

You’ll need to tell us a bit about yourself and your business or idea. To get the best feel for our applicants, we’re asking that you submit an “elevator pitch” – basically just a short video (up to 2 mins) where you introduce yourself and pitch your business or idea.

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna broadcast it to the world, so it’s alright if it’s not an oscar-winning performance and you stumble a little. In fact, that’s just one area we can help with!

How should I structure my elevator pitch?

Here are some suggestions for how you might go about structuring your pitch: Start by telling us your name, age and where you’re based

Tell us about your business idea or pre-existing business and how you came up with it

Explain your target audience if you have one

Tell us anything you’ve already started doing around your business (e.g. testing a product, perfecting a service, building a customer base)

Most importantly, tell us any particular areas you want support with (e.g. how to build an investor deck, how to apply for funding, budgeting and finance etc.)

Finally, if you’ve taken the time to check us out and there are some of our services you feel would be particularly beneficial, we’d love to hear it! Tell us which ones and why.

What will the mentoring sessions entail?

All mentoring sessions will be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

For bright ideas: This might be helping you put together a business plan and strategy, create a compelling pitch deck or connecting you with our expert fundraisers, marketers and financiers. To get things off the ground, we’ll give you your very own virtual office space and any additional services that are necessary.

For bright business people: We’ll take a look at what areas of your business need support and book you in with our expert advisors. We’ll help you work on your strategy for growth and take away the stress of running your business with a care package of VT services tailored specially to you.

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